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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Taking the Plunge

This is everywhere and I have decided to join in.
I got off to a false start when the EQ companion CD didn't materialise because the EBay seller who "sold" it too me obviously did not have one to sell in the first place....humph!!!
So I ordered the book. I will not be using the templates but printing out a foundation pieced pattern from EQ7 as that is the only way I will be getting any accuracy.

I had a few blocks hanging around from a class I used to teach, that fit the bill, but I won't be using these.

I won't be making the whole quilt either.
My reason for doing this is to exercise my "traditional" muscle as that can only be a good thing, but I have a few smaller Art quilts in mind using hand painted fabrics.

I also have something more arty in mind for these blocks, but we shall have to see.


  1. That will be a beautiful quilt. I am not a great piecer, so I make prim quilts that are imperfect;)


  2. And she's joined in! Can't wait to see your blocks with your fabrics. Shame about the sham seller. Hope you reported them.

  3. this quilt along is very tempting, but I know from past experience, I'm a great joiner-inner and terrible finish-er. I don't even finish quilts of my OWN design in a timely manner... I get bored and wander away.

    Therefore, I intend to live vicariously through you and look forward to seeing these traditional blocks made up in your beautiful hand-dyed fabric.

    *folds hands contentedly and waits*




  4. oh, I have seen people taking about the farmers quilt but had no idea about it. It looks great idea but I will be with Kit, doing it in spirit with you!

  5. Congratulations for taking the plunge! I am also using EQ7 for my blocks. Most of the blocks are in the block library and need slight changes to match the blocks in the book. Looking forward to seeing your blocks! ~ Joan


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