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Monday, 12 March 2012

It comes in threes...

These three publications tell the tale of my weekend. I celebrated a big birthday on Friday, one with a 0 in it. The book on the bottom of the pile was from my 13 year old son. For Christmas he got me a raccoon hat!  Thank goodness for Amazon wish lists, which is where I got his dad to direct him this time:)

The catalogue on top of the pile is from an exhibition that I went to on Saturday at the Jen Jones Welsh Quilt Centre.

This exhibition is to coincide with the publication a book by Dorothy Osler, and displays a selection of Welsh and American Quilts side by side. I just love the colours on the back of that quilt!

Here is a sneak peek (and I did get permission from Jen Jones herself to take this shot) of a some of the exhibition. If you are anywhere near Lampeter in Ceredigion Mid Wales it is worth a visit.

This is the third book in the pile that I got this weekend, and the one I am most excited about. Seaside Home has just been released and it contains one of my designs...

...and has made it to the inside front cover... in all it's full glory...

...and in an nice close up shot...

...and finally there I am with my goofy grin!!!

I first did this project way back when as a simple fun thing to do after finishing City and Guilds. I had no idea then that it would lead to this and I am a little bit surprised, but truly grateful, by it all.


  1. Congratulations Deb! (I know I said it already, but it bears repeating! :) )

    That exhibition looks amazing, I wish I could have been to see it. Perhaps the catalouge will be available for sale at some point? If so, please let me know.

    And I'm glad you liked your birthday presents better than your Christmas presents - but you already know how I feel about raccoon hats. lol


  2. Congratulations on the book. Very exciting. It reminds me as I head up to a 0 birthday that I need to update my amazon list!

  3. A belated Happy Birthday , Deborah ! I presume it was the 30 one, you look so good in picture !
    How did I laugh about your Christmas present....oh boy, these childrens :))
    Congrats for the beautiful work present in the Seaside Home book....beautiful !

  4. (a) Happy Birthday. (b) Beautiful books - yippee! (c) How nice to make the front cover and what beautiful photography used in the book. Congratulations.

  5. Happy Birthday!
    I love the Amazon wishlist!! a brilliant idea!
    Congratulations on your pebble stack! I'll have to add that book to my Amazon wishlist now!

  6. Happy birthday, Deborah!! And congratulations on the book!

  7. A very satisfying stack of books ;-)) Of course you are happy with them !! Your wallhanging looks so tempting ... "Seaside Home" made it to my amazon wish list in an instant ;-))

  8. Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

  9. oh how exciting - and wonderful - love your news and your books :)


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