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Friday, 23 November 2012

Everyman's Barn

Those of you who read my Quilt Routes blog will know that back in July I set myself a challenge to use up all the scraps that been collected in one small bag. They had been hanging around for a long time and needed to be used up. 
One of the projects that came from that challenge was the piece you see above.

While blogging about this I described how the inspiration came from a neglected farm building that sits on the brow of a hill and catches my eye every time I pass it in my car.

Well it seems I am not the only one who likes it. A friend who lives very near the barn saw it on the blog and asked if she could have it as it was her barn. 
Then a friend of hers saw it and said it was her barn and so she commissioned me to do another.

The first one was done from memory and I decided to continue in this way as I didn't want to get bogged down in detail, wanting to work in an impressionistic way. 
Having said that, the appeal for me is the way the view changes at different times if the day and during different seasons, so I played around with a few different colour combinations and allowed the buyer to choose the one she preferred.
Plus, although my thoughts were to chop of the hedge in the first piece because I was not happy with it. However, the hedge was wanted and I played around with how to do this too.

I have since learnt that many local artists and photographers have been inspired by the barn, so I have names it Everyman's Barn.

P.S. The client chose the middle one.


  1. I think there is an Everyman's Barn in just about every country landscape in this land. And you have captured the essence of it so well.

  2. These are so lovely. I love lots of stitching so I think that, along with the lovely landscape, really captures me.

  3. They're all incredibly beautiful. You've made a landscape come to life with your fabric and stitches.

  4. These are almost seasonal views - beautiful work Deborah and what amazing stitches - lots and lots of them, that just breath life into the panels ....

  5. these barns are really beautiful, Deborah. I think that it's MY barn too! ;)

  6. That is funny and wonderful that so many love your piece and it is something that they also love seeing.


  7. They're so beautiful...there's something about old barns.

  8. Well done, it is beautiful! And no, it is not my barn, I wish it was :-)

  9. Okay like Ive said.........inside your mind must be a wonderfully inspiring place and Id like to squeeze in there for a visit !
    These really are striking and seem to say so much in their simplicity. How wonderful that they have struck chords with so many too. Hell I love them and Ive not even seen the barn! lol
    Though now I'm me wondering whats just over that hill ?? lol : )

  10. These are beautiful. It's so interesting to see everyman's barn explored in different ways. Amazing that it all began with you trying to use up scraps :)


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