This is where it all started for me but times change and now all of my blogging takes place over at my
Quilt Routes blog and I hope you will join me over there.

About Me

Hello and welcome
Thank you if you have taken the time to visit this page.

I was introduced to quilting while I was living the life of an expat mum, in a place thousands of miles from where I am now. On returning to the U.K. I went looking for some classes so that I could continue with my new passion and jumped feet first into City and Guilds in Patchwork and Quilting followed by Machine Embroidery.

There is so much about the world of quilting and textile art that interests me that I find it hard to confine myself and so I am a split personality when it comes to blogging.

textile artist

Here I share my art, be it quilting, embroidery, sketchbooks, as I try and stretch my artistic muscles.

I share techniques on fabric painting (as opposed to dyeing) along with other bits and pieces on my Quilt Routes blog. There you will also details of the workshops I teach along with links to my online shops where I sell fabric, kits and patterns.

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