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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Never,ever give up!

One of the highlights of the Festive Season was a trip to London to see Shakespeare's Richard II at the Barbican. This is a quick snap I took of the scene that greeted us when we entered the theatre. Wouldn't those lines look great in stitch!
There were four of us, myself and friend, plus the two teenagers. It was the first time they have been to see Shakespeare. By the time I was their age I had already been to quite few thanks to school trips. How times have changed!!
The good news is that they both enjoyed it.This might have had something to do with the actor playing the lead role being none other than David Tennant. He was definitely the carrot that got the two of them there in the first place. UK readers will know who I am referring to. International readers might know him better as the 10th Doctor Who. Now I could send you to a link showing you the man himself but I think you, my dear readers would prefer to see this!
My daughter also hung about the stage door and got a photo of the man himself so her Christmas was made :)

Nothing much to share creatively at the moment. Still planning 2014 in my head!!
To keep you going you might enjoy this. I did :)

Never, ever give up!


  1. I admit, I am a Doctor Who fan.
    That is a beautiful theater and wonderful that your kids could experience it, as well.


  2. What a wonderful experience you must have had. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. What a stunning set, and how fab to see DT in the flesh!!!!

  4. Gosh yes, those lines in stitch - interesting
    and that guy even looks stunning in fabric lol


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