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Monday, 12 July 2010

A Fine Figure of a Man

Many years ago I spent a wonderful summer on the island of Crete. I worked part time as a holiday rep which allowed me to finance myself for 6 months but also meant that I had lots of free time to explore the island.

This fellow is taken from a wall painting taken from Knossos. This guy is the "Prince of Lillies"
I imported a postcard image into my computer and traced around the outlines. Printed it out on paper and then traced the design onto fabric.
I used undiluted fabric paint and fabric markers for the brown, blue and black elements, and the skin tones were done using an oil stick which I also brushed over the whole surface because it gave a nice "chalky" effect
reminiscent of old plaster walls.
Here are some images with the added stitched detail.


  1. well that just stopped me in my tracks while whizzing throgh google reader. I love that, you have really got that chalkiness from the pintings and the coulrs are fab. I would love to see a picture of the whole piece. I think you really captured the stoney colour but then I seem to remeber you like stones? The caves/ochre mines in The Forest of Dean sell mineral pigments. Is that what you use?

  2. Thanks for commenting. Next time I am in the Forest of Dean I will look out for those pigments.
    I used an oil stick which I dry brushed over the top.
    There is a full view in my flickr gallery.


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