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A Catch Up!

This, my bluehare blog, is where my online life started. When I began blogging at the end of 2008 I needed a name and as my surname is O'Hare and I live by the sea I called my blog 'the blue hare'.   I wanted to call it the sea hare, but have you seen what a sea hare looks like? By the end of 2009 I began my second blog Quilt Routes and I bounced around between the two of them until 2020. Edited:  Now you can find my blog on my website. Fast forward to 2015/16 and I have been trying to rationalise my online presence. I don't have the time to maintain two blogs anymore but for months I have been failing to get my head around either merging the two of them or deleting this one but find that I don't want to do either. I have decided that blogging as a means of sharing details of my workshops, tutorials, hand painted fabric and patterns for sale along with my on going projects and experimentation, will continue to take place on my Quilt Routes blog,

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