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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Working Wednesday

This is what I am busy with at the moment.
I don't have that many UFO's but this is one of them, and in my attempt to have a sort out, I decided it was time to get this out of the loft and finish it off. In my mind I was going to stitch a perfectly straight grid all over it. How hard can that be?
Very hard as it turns out. Or should I say, very hard for me.
But actually I am really glad that I am doing it because it is teaching me a great deal.
I have learnt that I am never, and I mean NEVER, going to be one of those quilters that stitches in wonderfully straight lines.
But I have also come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter. I am going to stitch and stitch it with lots of lovely dense quilting and it doesn't matter if the lines are not straight. In fact I will prefer it that way because one of the things I have also learnt during my many hours reading quilting blogs is that there are lots of other quilters out there who quilt in a more "organic" style and I love it their work.

It may not be the most attractive of quilts but for me it is also a memory quilt. It contains some hand dyes, some leftovers from other projects, some fabric given to me by my mother, some IKEA fabric, and some fabric that I bought in an out door market place in Sarawak about 15 years ago. I made a sarong style skirt from it, which has long gone, but it is here in this quilt to remind me of that time for years to come.