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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

working wednesday (window)

I might rename the "working wednesday" posts as you can see I have moved my working space to a different part of the house.

For a while I took over the sun room at the front of the house so called because being South facing it gets very hot and bright, to such an extent that it curtailed the amount of time I could spend in there.
So I moved into the kitchen/diner at the back of the house, but that was too dull (there's no pleasing some people I know) and more importantly I didn't want to be responsible for my family not staying together by taking over the dining table permanently! You all know the saying
 "The family that eats together, stays together".

However I think I am now happy, as I have moved to the side of the house, into what is simply a small add on built by the previous owners to take advantage of the view from the side, - not looking that great on this Wet Welsh Wednesday, it has to be said.

Even though my husband had built a lovely window seat in there, it was probably the most under used part of the house, only ever frequented by the dog, as seen in this post, and although I feel a bit guilty about denying her one of her favourite places, I have left a place for her to gaze out of should she feel the need, and I feel I am making more productive use of the space, which in turn will make me more productive. That's the plan!

I will share pics it when it is more organised, but in the mean time the above shows what I am working on today, making use of the fabric I mentioned here, more of which to come.


  1. That fabric looks strangely familiar! I've been looking forward to seeing you work your magic with it.

  2. Oh, what a contrast between the picture outside and the beautiful fabrics you are using inside!


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