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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wet Working Wednesday

It really is a very Wet Wednesday here. The truck you see in the picture belongs to the poor guys who are clearing up the burnt out sheds from the fire. I am very impressed that they even turned up today because it is foul out there.

 I have this recent acquisition to brighten my day. It has been out for a while, this being the paperback version.  I discovered this ladies work when a friend lent me her copy of the book. I was so impressed I had to get my own.
Here are some colourful images from it to brighten your/my day.

What particularly interested me was the authors "engineered" quilts, one of which you can see below.

Pieces are worked on separately and then "engineered" together to make a bigger quilt. I suppose it is a bit like Quilt As You Go but taken a step further.

I have taken this idea on board in the construction of my Festival of Quilts piece. The thought of working on one big Art Quilt made me very apprehensive so I am adopting the engineered approach so that I can work on each bit individually. I plan to put a lot of stitching into it and it will be easier to work section by section. I hope it works out.

As you can see I have been making some progress and have got most of the pieces I need painted.

If you would like to learn a bit more about Yoshiko Jinzenji, follow the link.


  1. Thanks for sahiring. I have another book of her's that I find utterly isnpiring. Its wet and dull here in Gloucestershire aswell!

  2. Thank you for showing this book, a quick visit to Amazon and it's on the way to me!
    I love the colours you are working with:))


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