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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Warning. Easter cuteness overload!

I suppose I think of myself as primarily an Art Quilter, but that is not to say that I don't love a quilt that you can use. Lately I have been feeling that I haven't made enough of these sort of quilts and have had the urge to get a few made. Plus, in an effort to de stash before I move everything into my new working space, (more of that to come) I have set myself an Easter weekend challenge.
Above is a pile of fabrics some of which I have had for so long I think they can be descrcribed as vintage!
I pledge to have a complete quilt (only a lap size quilt) done by the end of the long weekend,( Monday is a Bank Holiday).

It isn't going to be all work, as yesterday we took a nice walk in the easter sunshine.

You can get a bit blaze about sheep around here. They are quite often found walking down the main road and you have to beware of them getting into your garden and eating everything in sight.
But we all love this time of year when we get to see so much cuteness everywhere.

By end of play yesterday I had got to this stage..

There is no measuring going on here, just random chopping and stitching.
Now I need to get on, but if you would like to go here you can see the eggs I have made for you.

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