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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Working Wednesday

Remember this......?

 I thought it was about time that I quilted it.

I have finished pebble quilting this panel for my FOQ piece.
Now and I am at the " WHAT WAS I THINKING ????" phase, as next I have to do exactly the same to another piece, which is about three times as big as this!

I have been looking at this. It is for a challenge that has been set for my Art Quilt group Serge Ahead.
The challenge title is Turkish Delight and the piece has to include this fabric.

That is what I have been doing on this Working Wednesday.
Hope you are having a good Wednesday


  1. OMG, that third fabric is just luscious!

  2. Pebbles, wow, how long did that take you?
    I love the last fabric :)


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