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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

working wednesday

 This is what I am working on at the moment.

This is almost done. Just need to put the backing on as I quilted it without one.

When I am taking photographs I am never sure if I need flash on or off so I usually take one without and one with. The difference today was quite interesting.... maybe..... or perhaps I need to get out more?

Without flash...

With flash........

 I like what it has done to the grey feathers.

I could show you more pebbling from my Festival of Quilts piece but I need a break from that and the fact that I have run out of thread has allowed me to take one.

Instead I will show you how far I have got with the Turkish Delight piece.

Can you see where I am going with this? Does the colour remind you of a certain chocolate bar? Maybe only U.K. readers will know what I am referring to. I used to love them as a kid although these days I find them just a tad too sickly for my taste.
I know this is a bit obvious but hopefully by the time it is complete the pink won't be so in your face.
I am trying to do it all my hand, taking my time. Now that my machine is in the shed it is nice to have some hand sewing to do in the house. No close ups of this though, not until I have covered up my hand applique stitches!!


  1. Oh oh oh I love the feathers - I've just been surfing for feather images/photos for inspiration - super work

  2. The feathers are incredible. The chocolate? Well it is beautiful but now I have a quilt that looks like a gold lindt bunny in my mind for your next project!

  3. The feather piece is lovely. I love the close up of it.

  4. Strange how the feathers are altered in that way lol Your red piece - how on earth have you managed to keep the woven fabric so neat and evenly together? Did you sue a frame perhaps?

  5. Love the feathers one and particularly like the depth created with the 'sunken' grey and white feathers.

  6. Your feathers are exquisite! The background stitching reflects the intricate structure of a feather. Lovely work.


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