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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Bear with.......

Any fans of Miranda out there will understand the title of this post.
I know things have been a bit quiet here but my focus at the moment is on the following;
Helping my daughter get through the last couple of weeks of her G.C.S.E. exams,
Finishing my "In the Spotlight" piece for the Festival of Quilts,
Doing some much needed work in the garden and on the house!

I have got until the end of July to get the FoQ piece finished, but if I just crack on I should be done before then, but in the meantime here are a couple of shots of the inside of my shed.


  1. Oh there are lots of delights for the eyes here - any chance you could transport your 'shed' sorry studio up here to me please

  2. the shed is looking great! :)

  3. I love all those little mini quilts hanging there!

  4. Your shed looks great - and your quilt for the Festival of Quilts looks sooo wonderful!

  5. That's quite some shed you've got there! I love all the small quilts on your wall, I was looking for a wire just like yours last week to put up a design wall in my very humble studio. Good luck on finishing your festival entry, I know how those deadlines can creep up on you. I am going to Foq and will be looking for it.

  6. I think we all get a bit overwhelmed sometimes;)
    This week my daughter is camping out till she gets in her new piece, so I have all her junk in my way and helping her sort through it.


  7. Really love the pebbles! Im currently doing my GCSE's now, textiles coursework is so slow! but hopefully Im able to give it in in September. Im guessing your daughter and I are the same ages, its good to know we're all in the same stressed boat!!

  8. wow to how the shed looks. I want a shed!

  9. That is some shed, I assume it is attached to the house. It looks mighty neat!


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