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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

working wednesday -almost there!

Every summer these poppies spring up all over the place in the garden, even between paving cracks. That's my kind of gardening! This one is nesteled outside my shed door and I just love the colour of the red against the "Sea Grass" green of the shed.

I am almost there. I have changed the pebbles from the one in my earlier post to these

...and here is a little sneek of the almost finished piece.

Maybe it is the way I work, or the way I structure my day, but I can't believe how long this is taking me and just makes me wonder how those others out there, who turn out one big beautiful piece after another, do it.
Any ideas?


  1. Oh I love those fabric pebbles - can't wait for the big reveal of your FoQ project in due course - good luck
    Oh and that poppy is stunning

  2. I too love those pebbles! They are so time consuming so no wonder it takes a long time to finish. The poem-written rocks are beautiful, the letters remind me of runes from the viking era. I am still looking forward to seeing your piece at the Festival!

  3. I think your piece looks amazing! Love those pebbles. And people who turn out piece after piece don't have kids! It has to be that simple.

  4. Gracious poppies you have !
    well, pebbling is THE most tedious work in free-motion....and yours is marvelous done. And the stones ( stepping-stones ?) are such a nice idea...I wait , calm and nicely, the finished piece ( just because I know I'll say : Wow....;) )

  5. I love this piece and the pebbles. What a wonderful idea to have writing on the stones, great idea for an inspirational quilt. I have no idea what the whole quilt will look like, but I was just thinking of an inspirational saying to go with the theme and having friends sign the rocks, great gift idea for a friend who is going through a tough time in life.


  6. I love that poem - and it is so true! It looks fabulous on your silken pebbles. You have without knowing kicked my blogging butt and I will post with pics tomorrow as I have actual pebbles with words on outside my studio (which is no where near as glam as yours!)

  7. First, I LOVE your piece - and as already said, can't hardly wait to see it finished. The WOW is already forming in my head and on my tongue ;-))
    Second, I'm with you about that time thing ... I guess some of "the others" just don't need to sleep at night or so ... If I try to sleep less, my days are a nightmare, so I skipped that idea years ago. Don't they tell us you need less sleep when you become older? Now that would be something to look forward to ;-))


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