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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

working wednesday

It was my Mum's birthday this week. She told me she didn't want a present. She wanted me to make her a cover for a small table of hers. She told me this three days before her birthday. No hurry she said.

I had this ready made cover that she might very well have passed onto me herself at some point.
So I did a bit of this...

..and a bit of that...

...and made this.

The patches and binding are from the "silk" that my husband brought me back from a trip to Thailand. He brought me back metres and metres of it in three different colours. I think they saw him coming as it looks very silky but I haven't heart heart to tell him that is as far as it goes.

Anyway, Mum was happy which is good. I am happy because this arrived in the post today.

I actually BOUGHT myself some fabric.


  1. Lovely!

    Your story reminds me of BSP loving a quilt I made out of parachute silk so much that I had to hand it over. And now BSP tells everyone who will listen about the indestructible properties of parachute silk.

    Like you, I haven't the heart to say "parachute silk isn't actually silk, dearest". And now it's gone too far too long.

    Eh. BSP is happy. That's what counts.

    Your table topper is lovely!

  2. Nice birthday present! So good of you to get it done in time too. I love your new solids. The golden one looks so good with the other shades.

  3. I really like how that came out, just a touch of color and beautiful fabric. Today I took out all my old fabrics from the chest and washing it. Then I can see what I have and use in art pieces.


  4. What a wonderful idea ! and a marvelous achievement . I love how it looks on the table...beautiful.


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