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Sunday, 31 July 2011

stitching sunday

Seeing all the paper piecing that seems to be going on in blogland at the moment had me searching into the dark corners of the loft this morning to pull out this.

This was begun soooooo many years ago, even before I had any idea that I wanted to be a quilter.
It came about because Laurel Ashley opened a shop in Cardiff. It was least 20 years ago now probably more and I remember there was much excitement at the time. When I visited it with my mum I found that the gorgeous flowing floral dresses were way out of my price range and instead I came away with a packet of pre cut squares. I did make myself some cushion covers with some of it (long gone) but I honestly can't remember when or why I decided to start this.

The back tells me that I must have started my teaching career by then because the paper I recognise as the sugar paper that was ready available in any primary school. (one of the perks of the job!!!)

I still have these bits cut out. The fabric experts will probably recognise the Laura Ashley fabrics.

Some bits have already been tacked over the papers, and here is the template that I used.
I know that I took it to Brunei with me because I thought I might need something to do to keep myself occupied and some of the fabrics that are now in it I recognise from dresses I had made for my daughter.

It was while I was in Brunei that an Australian friend introduced me to a rotary cutter etc and I think this is probably why it was abandoned.

I do like the idea of finally finishing this. The problem is that it is growing into one big star which I think is called a Lone Star design, and I am not very keen on it. These old drawings show that I was trying to work out how to turn it into a big hexagon before adding pieces to make a quilt top.

After looking at these I have considered unpicking and reassembling.

Any ideas?



  1. Beautiful! and so accurate! great work

  2. I must admit that I am not into paper piecing myself, so I am no help there :-(, but it looks pretty.
    But being it Laura Ashley fabric, I would just hold on to it, it will be collectable :-)

  3. It does seem a shame to take it all apart but I know our tastes alter over time and it may not resonate with you now, as it did then.

    Daft idea maybe this..........but what if.... you were to rotary slice it..say, diagonally and then alternate strips with a toning self colour/colours? Take the paper out and then machine stitch the strips together , would that work do you think?
    I can see it in my head but that doesnt of course mean its in any way practical lolol

    I have collected alot of Laura Ashley dresses and skirts from jumble sales over the years and intend to one day......make them into a scrappy of some kind. Its such fine weight floral cotton, so no real weight to it, but amazingly, the clothing is always in ex condition!
    I certainly wore mine alot so its a credit to the fabric surely!
    I did also buy packs of the heavier cottons too but they have been somehwere safe for years now!

  4. How about appliqueing it onto a background and finish it with artsy quilting? All that hand stitching and lovely fabrics (that will be coming into style again sooner or later) is terrible to waste.


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