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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Getting back into the swing of things on this working wednesday

No 82 Snowball  No 2 Homeward Bound  No 41 Friendship Star

No 21 Contrary Wife No 84 Spool  No Calico Puzzle 

Six more Farmer's Wife blocks have helped me to get back into things. I feel as if I haven't been near my shed for weeks. I wanted to tell you that all the hype about Auriful thread that seems to be everywhere at the moment is true. I treated myself to some while at the Festival of Quilts and it has improved both the ease and outcome of making these blocks. I think I am done with the black/grey/white combo now and I will move on to some red and white, a bit like this. Stay posted to see what I do with these.
Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments about my Festival of Quilts piece. They were were much appreciated.


  1. My aurifil waits for me to finish my spool of gutermann. I can't wait to try it. Your blocks are lovely and glad you are getting some sewing time!

  2. those black and white blocks are LOVELY. You're almost making me want to make blocks.



  3. I switched to Aurifil three or four years ago and have never gone back. I only wish I had every color. I use it in my DSM for everything and also almost exclusively for longarming.


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