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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I made it.

Well, I did make it to the Festival of Quilts. That is my quilt there looking suprisingly small. I thought it was huge when it was here with me. I got to the show for a few hours on Sunday and have to confess to being in a bit of a daze after last weeks events. Browsing through the blogs I now see how much I missed, but never mind.

Well here it is in all it's glory.
I got home yesterday to find some really lovely emails and comments and I have been so touched by what has been said. You know who you are, and I thank you so much.


  1. It must have been a wonderful show and wonderful to see your piece hanging. I really do love this piece.


  2. Just made my husband look at your quilt. Some things are so good you have to share!

  3. Oh my gosh Deborah - that's STUNNING!

    Congrats on the lovely showing. :)

  4. How good you made it to the show - even for just a few hours. It would have been such a pity if you would not have seen your quilt in the exhibition!
    And I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your quilt. When you showed glimpses of it, I already thought - hm, that looks really pretty and interesting. Now I know I underestimated ... its glorious! I love how the colours work together, and your stitching is just amazing. For sure this would have been a quilt that had stopped me in my tracks, so I would have been able to take a closer look at it.
    So - keep up that great work!

  5. Your work is amazing. I love everything in this piece, the colours, the stitching, the design.... Beautiful!

  6. I saw your quilt at the exhibition - it was gorgeous. Your pebble quilting was beautiful as well, it really made the quilt.

  7. I so love this quilt! All the work and creativity, I am so pleased to see the whole thing.

  8. Your quilt is amazing, I saw it in person at FofQ! Just found your blog through Brit Quilt and am now a follower. Looking forward to seeing more of those fab black and White blocks

  9. It's beautiful Deborah - well done.

  10. Hoe much I would love to be there, to admire it in real time....Anyway, it doesn't seem to me a small quilt, it has quite a correct proportion for those walls and for an exhibition...
    I loved it from the first seen peble, and I know it would be great .
    Congratulation for all !

  11. Your quilt looks spectacular! congratulations! Your quilting is stunning. I wish I had a handle on my machine like you!

  12. Hello Deborah, I just found your blog and your work - so inspiring and beautifully made! I love your "Cherish" and wonder if I may include a link to it on my little blog? The poem is lovely and your quilt illustrates is so perfectly. My condolences on the loss of your friend.


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