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Monday, 13 August 2012

Tour de Birmingham

Not sure where this piece has come from, but I have been wanting to do something with these fabrics ever since I painted them.
I randomly pieced strips together, knowing that I wanted to add lettering, but not wanting to add any of the overused words that we see on pieces all over blogland!

It might not be obvious to everyone where my inspiration came from but the yellow and green do correspond to some important elements of a certain Tour.

This will now be coming with me on a Tour de Brum (that would be Birmingham for any non U.K. visitors) to the Festival of Quilts!

What would your "tour" be of?

See you on the other side:)


  1. Mine would be a tour of my sewing room as I can finally see the floor again! lol

    Have fun and catch you on the flip!

  2. Love the fabrics and how you bought it all together. Not sure what I would say my favorite piece, to show, is. I like them when I make them and then I like the newest one better, lol. Need to take a rest day, so I thought I would organize all the loose patterns I have piled around the house.


  3. Cracking colours...give my regards to my home town!

  4. Great piece - I just love the colors !! Have fun in Birmingham !!

  5. gorgeous colours and quilting!


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