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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Regular readers...

...might remember this.

I put the together last year but got no further.
I was determined to get it done and dusted this year. Well I managed it but I have to say that it is probably my least enjoyable quilt making experience. I am not complaining though. Doing it has taught me a lot about the type of quilting I want to be doing. I now have a Christmas quilt to pull out every year, plus it matches nicely with this piece shown below...a happy accident.

Now the Christmas Angels is a piece that I love and I hope you will pop along to my other blog to find out why.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

the same but different...

...was the Christmas challenge for my Rusty Love Girls group.
My piece started like this.

Then I did this.

Followed by this.

The same... but different.
I found it very difficult to get a good picture of the 3D piece and as it is now in it's new home this is going to have to do.

This is it's companion piece (the same). Can you see what I did? :)

Sunday, 2 December 2012

stitching sunday

This is the first of a few samples of different types of stitching surfaces I am doing based on these sketchbook images.

I have felted a couple of backgrounds  using up a variety of fabrics, silk, scrim, voile, just to experiment.
Here I have been hand stitching, thinking that I would cover the whole surface, but decided to leave some open space through which to see the background.