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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Region 12 Exhibition

The reason for me being up in the valleys (see previous post) was to make a visit to Cynon Valley Museum which was putting on an exhibition of quilts made by members of Region 12 of The Quilters Guild of the British Isles.

Turkish Delight by Anne Lewis and Me!

There were many lovely quilts but I have chosen to feature here the ones that belong to friends who I know won't mind me featuring them.

Dim Siarad Cymru plus Liz Savages' Welsh Babe (I know you have given this another name Liz :)

Joy Morgan** Welsh Quilt
Sonia Fox Ginkgo

Belinda Bajai Moonlight
Pat's interpretation of Nash Point (a local landmark) is one of my favourites.

 This whole exhibition was the brain child of our recently retired chair woman Jackie Pugh. She has put in an amazing amount of hard work during her tenure and this was her farewell for a job well done. I owe her a personal debt of gratitude as she has been very encouraging to me over the years. If it wasn't for her booking me to give a my talk (even before I had even put one together!) I probably would never have done anything.
A huge THANK YOU Jackie.

**Joy has begun a Virtual Quilt Group over on her blog Joy of Quilting. Go take a look.


  1. these are lovely ! esp love the gingko!

  2. thank God for the angels he sends our way - who see our potential long before we do! Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Beautiful quilts in the show, love the moonlight.


  4. Thanks Deb, for putting in the link to my blog. The exhibition was lovely we went last week. And thought the quilts work well with the museumn pieces. We should be proud of Region 12.

  5. Gosh well done everyone whose been hung! as it were.............and yes that moonscape was impressive.
    Was the tree painted or appliqued on?

  6. Well done Region 12. Thank you for sharing those beautiful wall hangings.


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