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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Valley Trip.

We took a trip up into The Valleys last week.

This viewpoint looks towards the Brecon Beacons.

The blue skies are deceiving. It was bitterly cold up there with a wind that  blowing straight in from Siberia (at least that is what it felt like :)

What is this?  A waterfall?

Yep! That would be a FROZEN waterfall! In  April!!!
Told you it was cold.


  1. wonderful pictures x I know the waterfall is frozen.. but not so much water in there .. shoild be a lot more x Hope you had something "warm" to help you recover xx

  2. Beautiful place for a walk. We are having a nice day today, so good day to go for a walk, but it is breezy.


  3. Lovely view, but still so cold!

  4. It looks stunning but can imagine the wind chill lol
    nice to have the wind blow thru the ears from time to time tho!


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