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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Moving along

All quiet here while I help my daughter prepare for university next month. Part of the preparations involve sorting out her room so that her younger brother can move in when she leaves. No mean feat!
I am creating some bits and pieces, but as it's for a friend it has to be kept under wraps although there are a few sneaky peeks in instogram.
In the meantime here is a pic I took while in the Peak District recently.


  1. Beautiful photo. My daughter moved back in, so I had to clean out one of my craft rooms, lol. She wants to stay home for while and save money and maybe buy a condo in a few years.


  2. My daughter is about to start high school next week and I'm beside myself, I'll be pulling my hair out when she hits uni age! The Peak District looks beautiful, wish we could take a long weekend out for a camping trip before the weather changes.

  3. my oldest has just finished uni. and her stuff has cone back home - my advice? spend the next three years building a shed the size of an aircraft carrier, she may need it!!!!

    (where is she going? somewhere you can visit for the day?)

  4. Lovely pic Deb you've managed to capture the heat of the sun.

  5. Lovely pic Deb you've managed to capture the heat of the sun.


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