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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Journal Quilt

Gelli Plate printed fabric

In between the storms and the constant wind and rain beating against the windows, I contemplate what stitches to add to my February offering for the Contemporary Quilts Journal Quilt Challenge.

Gelli Plate printed fabric

While wondering which way is up, I am grateful that I am able to fill my mind with such carefree thoughts while so many others are dealing with floods and storm damage.

Gelli Plate printed fabric

Thankful that I still have power to blog and stitch at my machine.


  1. Wonderful piece and I do love working on art pieces, frees the mind and a nice way to spend a winter day.


  2. yes so many in dire need in all this crazy weather. maybe we shud be making boats!
    Like the top right way up best and really must take my gelli plate out of the bag I bought it in : )

  3. Top left for me. It reminds me of lightening and wild weather - but that might be because of all the rain we are having.

  4. Love it!! Perhaps I am a Maverick, but I like bottom right, (if I have to choose that is, because any which way it is striking!)

  5. I think I prefer the white section horizontally ( did you ask for out help). We've been warned of another peak in the river levels, but luckily the village if wraybury protects my house from the Thames ( the village that no one had heard of ten days ago, but thanks to our own " angry bird" Su Burrows now seems to be world famous!!!!)


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