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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year!

That is what I am going to be doing!
Mentally of course. I have no plans to jump off a cliff!
What about You?

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Deborah O'Hare

Thank you to all for your support this year.
A Merry Christmas and Happy and Creative New Year xx

Monday, 15 December 2014

Journal Quilts Round Up

Deborah O'Hare

My mind has been taken up with other matters of late, but I am applying myself this morning and here are my thoughts on this Journal Quilt Challenge.

Deborah O'Hare
Jan, May, Sept

I have enjoyed this far more than I expected. It is almost as if I was given permission to play, which is ridiculous when you think about it but I suppose we do put restrictions on ourselves even if we don't realize that we are doing it.

Deborah O'Hare
Feb, Jun, Oct

When the colour combinations are separated I like them all.
When they are put together I have my favourites.
Any which way is up!

Deborah O'Hare
Mar, Jul, Nov
I became happier and more relaxed with the concept of abstract as I went along.
I love my Gelli Arts printing plate even more and want to continue experimenting with it.
I have explored the buzz term "mark making" and find that I like it :D

Deborah O'Hare
Apr, Aug, Dec

Sometimes you can over do it and knowing when to stop is important.
I really like the combination of black, white and brown!

Deborah O'Hare
The lot of 'em

Okay, before I go can I just get a bit serious?
You might have paid no attention to the link I added to the first sentence, but the changes that are about to take place on Jan 1st will affect us all. If you live in the EU you will probably find that you can no longer buy from your favourite US etc sites because they will restrict selling to you, not really because of the extra costs but because of the compliance laws that are too complex to adhere to.
If you are in the US and you sell to the EU and you don't comply you will be breaking the law.
I could go on with lots more details but there are others out there who have put it far more eloquently than I can. If you do nothing else then please sign this petition.
Get the facts here and do what you can to spread the word via social media.
At the moment this is just about digital purchases but there are plans to increase it to physical sales as well. Hope you can help.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

December Journal Quilt

Deborah O'Hare

Well I am giving myself a pat on the back because I have done it! I have completed all of the Journal Quilts for the year.

Deborah O'Hare

Not that great an achievement you might be saying. What's all the fuss about?
The truth is that when I began this I wasn't completely sure that I would get the the other end. That I wouldn't be bogged down in the other things that I have to do.

Deborah O'Hare

Also....the group coordinators are quite strict. You can't go more than three months without having posted your efforts and you have to let them know if you are not going to complete. No slinking off into the corner and letting things slide.

I think I would have done it anyway because I have got such a lot out of the experience, but I will save all of that for an overview post soon.

Deborah O'Hare

For those beady eyed among you who have noticed the red seepage I have to inform you that it was deliberate. I was actually hoping for a bit more and I hope to experiment with this a bit further in the future.