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Friday, 27 September 2013

new inspiration

I felt compelled to take photo after photo of Cow Parsley while on a trip to the Peak District in August.

They were passed their best but I was inspired by them and I they called out to be used as a focus on some painted fabrics that have been hanging around for a while. ( I really couldn't put more birds on them again, could I?)

painted fabric
I have a number of small pieces that I did as colour studies before painting this bigger piece -which is still a work in progress, and WILL be finished soon :)

stitched background
I am not the only one inspired by this plant. It is everywhere when you start looking, in all forms of art.

added detail
I also discovered that it is sometimes known as mother die (especially in the UK) ...according to Wikipedia.!!!!
News to me! Anyone else heard that one?
What has inspired you recently?

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Where was I?

I am finding it a bit difficult to do the promised round up of my Soar pieces.
I suppose it is because it seems quite a while ago since I finished them and my mind has moved on to other things, and because if the truth be told I am more about the images than the words.
So here is my brief explanation

I live on the coast and my home is situated quite a few feet above sea level so quite often I see seagulls flying and gliding past my windows. I particularly like it when huge numbers of them circle above. I think there will one or two more in the Soar series.

They are all approximately 21 x 30 inches.
All the backgrounds were done by using up pieces from my stash. You could call them scraps.
The birds were all hand painted and each piece was intensively stitched/quilted.
For more info on techniques use on any of these pieces you can type Soar into the search box to see all the different posts.
Time for something new!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Soar IV

This is Soar IV.

Completed just in time for the Festival of Quilts.

They are beginning to sound like a horror movie franchise so I might change the name to 'Soaring'.
Is that any better?
I'll be back with a round up and more detail another time as I have already spent far too long on the computer today!
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