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Friday, 27 September 2013

new inspiration

I felt compelled to take photo after photo of Cow Parsley while on a trip to the Peak District in August.

They were passed their best but I was inspired by them and I they called out to be used as a focus on some painted fabrics that have been hanging around for a while. ( I really couldn't put more birds on them again, could I?)

painted fabric
I have a number of small pieces that I did as colour studies before painting this bigger piece -which is still a work in progress, and WILL be finished soon :)

stitched background
I am not the only one inspired by this plant. It is everywhere when you start looking, in all forms of art.

added detail
I also discovered that it is sometimes known as mother die (especially in the UK) ...according to Wikipedia.!!!!
News to me! Anyone else heard that one?
What has inspired you recently?

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  1. Deb this is wonderful from the be-utiful photo to the stitching to the interpretation of the flora. Love it
    LeeAnna Paylor

  2. What a stunning interpretation of cow parsley.

  3. Wonderful interpretation of the cow parsley. We have something like that, not sure what it is called.
    I got some nice photos of fall flowers and thistles on our last walk, would be fun to try some art pieces with them.


  4. We call it Queen Anne's Lace here in Pennsylvania and I find it equally fascinating. Your interpretation certainly captures it. Is the detail part of the larger stitched fabric above it or is it an entirely new background piece?

  5. they are striking aren't they both when in full flower and the skeletal remains at the years end. Like Honesty and poppy seed pods they have an intriguing calm to them.
    Wonder if they were ever used to dye with then lol or to poison Mothers!

  6. Great photo and great stitching - never heard Cow Parsley called that though! Going to walk around it cautiously next time I see it!

  7. I love cow's parsley! Want to make a piece with this for ages! Love the way you stitched that on!

  8. Your work is stunning! We call it Queen Anne's Lace here in Canada too.


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