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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Where was I?

I am finding it a bit difficult to do the promised round up of my Soar pieces.
I suppose it is because it seems quite a while ago since I finished them and my mind has moved on to other things, and because if the truth be told I am more about the images than the words.
So here is my brief explanation

I live on the coast and my home is situated quite a few feet above sea level so quite often I see seagulls flying and gliding past my windows. I particularly like it when huge numbers of them circle above. I think there will one or two more in the Soar series.

They are all approximately 21 x 30 inches.
All the backgrounds were done by using up pieces from my stash. You could call them scraps.
The birds were all hand painted and each piece was intensively stitched/quilted.
For more info on techniques use on any of these pieces you can type Soar into the search box to see all the different posts.
Time for something new!


  1. Short and sweet. And so funny that you posted, as last night (or early this morning,I was experiencing a bout of insomnia); I was thinking "I wonder where Deb is.She hasn't posted in a quite awhile". and here you are! Glad to see you're back. :)

  2. Thanks for showing them to us - your work does not need so many words, it's just beautiful !!

  3. Pictures speak loud and clear!

  4. I love seeing your soar pieces and being by the ocean is such a great inspiration.


  5. How lovely to liveby the sea! Has daughter gone to Uni yet? Hope she settles in


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