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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The problem...

...with not stitching the life out of something is that I don't like the puffy parts!

I am trying to just play and not worry as these really are just experiments in design and technique.
I am liking the printing and stamping but trying to figure out a middle ground, incorporating paint (colour) and stitch (texture).

This is how this piece started. Can you see how where I cut through it?

apologies for the "gloomy" shots but it is a gloomy day


  1. it looks fine to me it is mega gloomy here too not best for photo taking at all! x

  2. I have that same problem with not liking the puffy parts! I always see wonderful pieces with a huge variety of textures- areas super stitched and open areas etc. and then I try that on my work and it looks wonky or unfinished! I think I need to practice letting go. Your piece on top though is beautiful, so much more depth and color than just the painted/stamped piece, and for what it's worth I think the amount of stitching there is great.

  3. I get that too when I only quilt certain areas, but it still looks beautiful.


  4. I know what you mean about the puffy parts. I'm looking at this on my phone and as I scrolled down as soon as the sky disappeared the piece came to life for me. The greens and oranges with just the blue hare in the top left hand corner - wow.
    So my two pennath is ditch the sky.

  5. why not use the high relief areas as the ancient Egyptians did in their magnificently carved hieroglyphs? Use the "puffy" parts to your advantage to give certain motifs more prominence and dimension! I think it looks terrific :)))


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