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Friday, 11 October 2013

The Common Hogweed no less!

I stand corrected.
It was pointed out to me by a friend that the big tall stuff that looks like Cow Parsley but grows really tall over your head it actually Hogweed.

Last week's piece

So it is Hogweed that had inspired me, and not Cow Parsley. I need to go and make a few edits!

This week's piece

It all belongs to the same Apiaceae family, which also includes Queen Anne's Lace, which is the nicer name from the bunch.

In fact it is Common Hogweed to give it it's full description!

This brings me onto choosing a name for these pieces.
Derbyshire Dreaming is all I have been able to come up with, as that is where I was when I was inspired to do these. Technically I was in Staffordshire too, but I prefer to choose a name that is not so specific to a place. I like it when people see something meaningful to themselves.
I can't tell how many times people have said to me "oh that is from......." when seeing my Pebble Stack, which is nice.

another background

and another
Any ideas will be gratefully received.
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P.S. On a totally unrelated topic, I have been getting a lot of "no reply blogger" comments lately. I have tried to answer questions on the blog but I am not entirely sure if the person asking the question ever gets to see it, so I have decided to scrap that and simply state that if you want a response to your comment you need to not be a N.R.B (no reply blogger).
It's Google+ that is at fault. Some of you probably are unaware that you are an N.R.B. Here is a link that tells you why you are and what to do if you wish to change it.
Have a good weekend!


  1. umbelliferae
    That covers anything that shape...carrots, hemlock....

  2. Whatever inspired you, it is a beautiful piece! I really like the starkness of the plants on the rich background. The quilting on this piece really adds a feeling of serenity.

  3. Cow parsley sounds better than Hogweed, doesn't it? I've never seen anything like this plant growing over 6' tall, but I have lots of queen anne's lace weeds and love them. As far as naming your pieces, how about using something related to the season, or the month you were inspired?

  4. Love the stitching and the serene nature of your backgrounds! Thanks for the info on NRB, too. I had been perplexed by it from comments...

  5. what ever it is called it looks wonderful x

  6. I'm LOVE, LOVE, LOVIN' this piece!!!

  7. Now I know what it looks like, after I read more about it online,lol.
    That is what my Dill looks like after I let it overgrow and forget to water it;)
    I Think it has a fantasy look with the colors you used, maybe a name from a magical place.


  8. I went to your link about no-reply blogger... I'm not on google+ so I researched how to fix it for regular google and I think I did. Could you try to reply to me to see I am now a reply blogger? Thanks. Hopefully it works. If not, there doesn't seem to be a way to fix it for non google+ people.

  9. Well obviously I didn't know the difference. Still pretty whatever the name!

  10. I just keep going back and looking at this piece... really inspirational . I am so glad you shared it..


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