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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Now for something completely different...

This is a first for me. I am taking part in a blog hop! 
I am presently the head administrator over at The Prayer Flag Project blog which basically means that if you email a photo of your flags to the blog, I am the one who posts it.
If you are unaware of the blog and how it came about then please take a moment to read about how and why Vivika DeNegre first began this project
In order to further the Prayer Flag movement over at Quilting Arts, Vivika and her team have put together an eBook. It has over 550 miniature flags which were submitted by readers of Quilting Arts that are beautifully photographed with many heartfelt messages. 
In order to celebrate the release of this, I, along with the other chosen "hoppers" were sent a banner of flags to decorate and display.

My first instincts were to saturate these flags with colour in keeping with all of my previous ones, seen here in my Prayer Flag Flickr set.
However I decided that the cotton/linen blend had a very sun bleached, coastal vibe to them and decided to stick with that. I do live on the coast after all!

I began by adding texture to each flag with a Gelli plate print and then freezer paper stenciled birds/seagulls in flight, on to five of the eight flags.
Hand embroidered lines of sea and sand, along with some added colour from Inktense pencils completed the effect.

Furthering the seaside theme I added a pebble along with a glass bead to the bottom of each flag.

On the remaining three flags I decided to add some text.
Over at The Prayer Flag Project blog you can see from the tags the themes and sentiments of each of the flags that people contribute to the blog. It has been arranged so that the most popular themes appear at the top. Before you have a look see if you can guess which is the most prominent theme?

Of course sometimes the flags are tinged with sorrow but more often than not they are inspirational and uplifting.and it has been my privilege to be a part of this life affirming project.

Want to see more?
Vivika first blogged and shared her flags over on the Quilting Daily blog
and here are all the other blogs to visit.

April 14:               Jane LaFazio
April 15:               Meg Cox
April 16:               Deborah O’Hare: That's Me!
April 17:               Jamie Fingal
                              Susan Brubaker Knapp
April 18:               Carrie Bloomston

And if you fancy getting your hands on the flags that I have used in this post you can do that here.

Couldn't quite stretch to get all eight flags into one shot!!
If you have a flag that you would like to share then please email
or visit the blog and do so from there.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

April Journal Quilt

Journal Quilt

Not in keeping with the colours of Spring, my Journal Quilt for April is a bit dark and gloomy.
My plan is to repeat the colour combinations I have already done so that I end up with four sets of three by the end.

Journal Quilt

This does not say anything about my mood. I simply wanted to do something dark but in the end couldn't resist the splash of red.
The line is part of the stipulation for this years JQ's...A line of any description beginning at one edge and ending at another.

Journal Quilt

Finishing with a close up of course.