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Sunday, 13 April 2014

April Journal Quilt

Journal Quilt

Not in keeping with the colours of Spring, my Journal Quilt for April is a bit dark and gloomy.
My plan is to repeat the colour combinations I have already done so that I end up with four sets of three by the end.

Journal Quilt

This does not say anything about my mood. I simply wanted to do something dark but in the end couldn't resist the splash of red.
The line is part of the stipulation for this years JQ's...A line of any description beginning at one edge and ending at another.

Journal Quilt

Finishing with a close up of course.


  1. I love the piece, doesn't seem dark to me.
    Reminds me of a tree trunk with a squirrel home.


  2. Lovely Deb and I think the red gives it a teal zing.
    Been working on my April piece over the weekend too.

  3. Impressive and a change of colour direction for you yes but that 'life blood' is still there!

  4. Very nice, I really like the way you've extended the stitching into the binding.


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