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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Rusty Love

This is what I recieved from my swap partner yesterday. An ingenious rusty chain of love!

With hanging hearts....

and lots of beading. I love it. Thank you Pam. I know you are reading this.

Unexpectedly I was also given this made by Cath whose work I have previously shown here, but given by the group because they know I have had a tough year.
Thank you so much girls. I am overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness.

It reminds me of this heart that I was given earlier in the year by different friends, at a particularly sad time. 

It was made by one dear friend and instigated by another one. There is a lot of love going on in this post today. For those friends around me and for you my blogging friends who take the time to read my missives.
More tomorrow.


  1. all beautiful, as are the sentiments behind them.

  2. Those are beautiful and creative gifts, really love them, very unique.


  3. So beautiful! No wonder you love these pieces - I guess they kind of radiate the love of your friends every time you look at them ;-))


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