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Monday, 19 March 2012

Creative Courage.

I have just put these flags up on The Prayer Flag Project blog.

Now I know these are not great pieces of art, but I felt that I wanted to make these flags, because even if I had got nothing more for doing Stephanie Levy's course, the title alone has inspired me and continues to do so.

Having the courage to do those things that we would like to do, be it creatively or otherwise, is sometimes all you need. Experience and skill doesn't have to come into it. That comes with the doing. And to do the "doing" you just have to have the courage to get started!

I just wanted to share that thought with you.
If you want to know more about the course you could do no better than to go to Jo Wiley's blog, a fellow C.C.'er and read her review.


  1. That is so true. I am never afraid to try something and mess it up, lol.


  2. How true - the courage to get started is the most important part! Thank you for linking to my review :)

  3. absolutely true - just go for it - it's a good mantra to live by :)

  4. I am enjoying the colours in these ones too. Love the idea. I am wondering how to do some-thing along these lines in clay with the new letterpress letters I have. I am doing plates for other. But need some-thing like this for myself. This is a great idea. Must be lovely to have these around you. So inspiring. Inspired by your own work, nice.

  5. Have the courage to get started, and the rest will follow - that is so beautiful & so true! Love your prayer flags, and how you were inspired! Beautiful :)

  6. This is amazing Deborah - thank you so very much!! What a treat :) I am honored by your art and words, glad the title of the course continues to inspire you, that means a lot! xo


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