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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Bygone days

I am fortunate to have this wonderful place on my doorstep.
Every time I go there it puts me in mind of Frances Hodgon Burnett's "The Secret Garden".

A recent visit reminded me of one of the themes that I explored when doing City and Guilds.
We were given the topic 'Man Made Structures' which didn't really do much for me, until I realised that it didn't have to be factories and skyscrapers.

I decided to concentrate on the structures that have been put in place around where I live and took a "journey" from Dunraven Castle to Ogmore Castle, a few miles away, looking at the structures man had put in place.

I have to tell you that apart from the roads, it is mainly fencing of one type or another.
My research eventually led me to this quilt.
A while after that a spare block led to this piece.

Strangely while I was still in the middle of compiling this post I had a surprise delivery.

A friend sent me this old letter card from 1937, which has a photo of Dunraven Castle before it was demolished. (The creative psychic waves have been floating across Swansea Bay again!)

Below you can just make out where it was situated.

The letter is from 'Ailuned' to her father.
My favourite line.."Yesterday we sat on the bonnet of a car and had our photo taken." So sweet.

It is a shame that future generations won't get to look back on our lives in this way because all our texts and emails will be lost in the ether.
Maybe someone will come across this blog in future years. Will all of our ramblings on our blog posts still be around?

It may be apparent that there is a lack of new work here at the moment.
That is because I am busy preparing for the Festival of Quilts in August. After things conspiring to make me decide that I wasn't able to submit a quilt this year I have now been given the chance to have a Quilters in Action booth! Things happen for a reason!
This is pretty big for me and it is nose to the grindstone getting prepared!
So expect a couple more retrospective blog posts :)
More 'Secret Garden' photos here.


  1. Lovely photos, I love that blue door in the wall I seem to have a thing for blue doors at the moment!

    How exciting about your QiA booth, Mum has one and I'll inevitably be there helping her out so I'll definitely have to come and say hi :)

  2. Looking forward to more retrospective posts ;-)) have fun preparing for FoQ !!

  3. Oh, now I wish I would be going to Birmingham this year so I could visit your booth, but maybe next year, we are already planning our trip to the 2013 show.
    Good luck with the preparations!!

  4. Wow Deb, spooky or what!!!

  5. A castle is perfect for creating interesting structures in art, so many architectural details and hand work that you don't see now a days.


  6. Great news about the booth, yes fates been at work on a couple of levels for you....wonderfully spooky!
    Interesting to see the path youve taken to get to that stunning piece you made too. It has such calming colours in it, meditive almost, that word?!... of walking at Spurn Point one early morning a while back.


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