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Friday, 15 November 2013

Victoria and Albert Museum London

victoria and albert museum

In the absence of any work to show you might like to see some images from the Victoria and Albert Museum that I took last weekend. Apart from visiting friends it was necessary to give teenage son the opportunity to sketch some classical sculpture for his G.C.S.E. in Art, as he had missed out on the trip ran by the school.

victoria and albert museum

I could have left him to it and had a wander around, but to be honest I have visited on many other occasions, plus the textile collection has been moved to it's own designated premises. It was actually nice to sit and absorb what this one gallery had to offer, without rushing on to the next space which is so often the experience of visiting a famous museum.

It was very peaceful and I indulged in some people watching. A novelty in itself for this country inhabitant.
I don't think there was anything that I found which would inspire me to translate any of it in to cloth...

victoria and albert museum

...but the quilter in me loved the floor. It is much paler than this but I added contrast so that the design stands out.

victoria and albert museum

I will leave you with Apollo and Zephyr, as these are the characters my son sketched. I will continue with my contemplations and hopefully have something stitched to show you soon.

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