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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Thank you!

I spent a couple of days in Cornwall this week...
...and the sun was shining!!
It felt so good after so much bad weather.

I am also smiling because of all the lovely comments I received both here and on Facebook regarding my last post. I really wasn't sure about it but your feedback was amazing and very much appreciated and I would like to say a Big Thank You to you all.

Oh look! A bird :D


  1. Blogger ate my comment so I'll try again. Lucky girl getting to Cornwall. The harbour looks so colourful with all the boats there. Great photo!

  2. I am still looking for a sunny day, lol. More rain and snow today, then another cold week.
    I do miss going for walks, so hopefully this month will bring a touch of spring.


  3. Beautiful pictures - it's so wonderful to see some colour. We've all overdosed on grey this year;). So thank you for brightening up our day.

  4. That's a great photo of all the colourful boats in the harbour..( the tide needs to be in or it's not so pretty! ) I was lucky enough to visit some similar towns there in 2011.( my one and only so far visit to UK ) Not sure which town yours is? I love the way in some of them the houses appear to cling to the hill sides.
    I really like your latest stitching work, it's quite distinctively you.

  5. Beautiful photographs Deborah, the boats are a delight to see. Summer holidays were often spent touring Devon and Cornwall as a child so your lovely shots have taken me on a trip down memory lane - thank you!

  6. Cornwall is so beautiful, and I love the beach in the winter/spring time :)

  7. Stunning photos! Oh, how I would love to travel to some of these beautiful places but living vicariously does help! Thank you for these.

  8. Oh that looks lovely! Super weather!


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