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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Northern Ireland

This weekend I was thrilled to be able to make my first ever trip to Ireland. This is Bangor Marina where I was staying.

On Saturday, after giving a talk to the Northern Ireland Patchwork Guild I had some time to take a train to Belfast and do a City Tour by bus.

I took lots of photos but this one of a small section of the Peace Wall is probably the best. It's not that easy to take photos on a moving bus :D
If you ever find yourself in Belfast I recommend you take a bus tour. It is well worth the price of the bus ticket.

On Sunday I got to spend the day teaching a workshop at the Ulster Folk Museum where they open their doors to all the local guilds, who get to use the learning centre and classroom facilities.

A fantastic venue to be invited to teach at. I found it particularly interesting as I grew up down the road from the Welsh version.
Everybody, from the members of the Guild, to the lovely lady that I met on the train, were so friendly and welcoming and I hope to make a return visit and do a bit more exploring.


  1. What a wonderful trip, I have always dreamed of visiting England and Ireland.
    I enjoy seeing photos from friends who go but until they make a plane that I can afford that gets their in two hours, you won't see me on one, lol.


  2. Oh, boy - you've been visiting my homeland (and home area)
    The folk park is brilliant isn't it - when there last year I could have stayed in the haberdashery shop where the loom is for hours
    Some great photos here Deborah - I hope you visit again ....

  3. how lovely! I've only been to southern Ireland; that's beautiful too


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