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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Bloggers Quilt Festival

Just found this. A bit late in entering but better late than never! 
The quilt I am entering is the piece I did for City and Guilds.
The design was based on the fences that surround the fields and coast that I look at every day. I hand dyed the fabric and foundation pieced the blocks. The quilting was influenced by the pattern of the wire found in some of the fences.

It was done quite a few years ago now and the colours have faded quite a bit now in the sun. I was a bit put out by this for a while, until a friend pointed out that it now has a sun drenched look that you would expect from being on the coast. 
While in construction I had all the blocks laid out on the floor working out the placement, when my darling husband walked in and asked me how long my "crochet" was going to be on the floor! What can you say.



  1. Love your quilts. Unfortunately, they make me want to start making my own died fabric. (I have too many bad quilting habits as it is.) Maybe better to follow your posts and enjoy your work.

  2. yay! I am so happy that the comments are showing up now :o) Like I said to you on your etsy shop...You amaze me with your beautiful dyed fabrics. ...these make your quilt even more special :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  3. Totally, fabulously creative! Nothing better than a one of a kind quilt and quilter!!!!

  4. great quilts you have done--so interesting and i love the painting on fabric--have not tried this but would love to some day. thanks for sharing them. your little blue hare is just precious. come visit me sometime when you can.


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