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Thursday, 10 May 2012

a break in the weather

I have not been fortunate enough to get any views of the super moon; far too cloudy around here. I have been able to see the evidence of the high tides that it creates.

This area along the river has been completely flooded, preventing me from getting down here for my morning walk.

This morning I did manage to get down here between tides and go for a soggy stroll.

This view is looking inland.

This one towards the estuary. The road leads to my home village and the beach.

This view takes you out to sea!


  1. These are great landscape photos - lots of inspiration here for you

  2. incredible - you're so lucky

  3. I didn't think of the moon effecting the tides, I did notice how high they were this week. Rainy week were, too, so I saw the moon, but most of the time it was behind the clouds, late at night.

    Beautiful place for a walk.



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