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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Day Out

WARNING: If you don't like the colour yellow look away now!

It was a spur of the moment decision, but Sunday morning husband offered to drive me to the Malvern Hills with a stop at The Malvern Quilt Show.

Husband enjoys going back to this part of the world as he went to college in Worcester, and as a student used to work as a car park attendant at the showground; and he made sure he told the present attendants this little known fact!

There were lots of nice quilts to see and lots of retailers.
I came away with just a light bulb (from a very pushy salesman), which doesn't work, and now I have to forgo any savings I made in postage to get it replaced, but moving swiftly on.

We had a very nice pub lunch in British Camp and discussed how we are only just beginning to appreciate the fact that the teenagers are now of an age when they can be left, or rather WANT to be left, and we can go off and do things by ourselves.

Hope you have enjoyed the patchwork of yellow and green fields that we enjoyed on the way home.


  1. Thanks for the grin ;-)) I took some pics of rapeseed, too - this yellow is just amazing and SOOO inspiring !!

  2. A shockingly yellow post! I saw your pebbles quilt last week at the Creative Stitching Exhibition in Brighton, btw. I've always loved that quilt but it is even more wonderful in real life than in blogland.

  3. Beautiful fields and flowers, love seeing fields blanketed with flowers.


  4. I was at college in Worcester as well and got horribly burnt being a car park attendant as well! Takes weeks of training to get the arm actions just right!

  5. Your photos are excellent. I shall have to show them to my Mum, she keeps remarking on the beautiful yellow colour of the fields around us so she will enjoy them. :-)

  6. Oh how beautiful and inspiring. I remember going to Cornwall in the spring and the fields of daffodils.


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