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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

*dim siarad Cymraeg

art quilt

This may or may not be part of a series.

welsh quilts

It has come about because of my enjoyment of doing this.

art quilt

Hand painted fabric with lots of intense stitching and also a bit of "darning".

art quilt

The back gives a clearer view of the stitching.

art quilt

If this turns into a series I will explain my choice of title.
*dim siarad Cymraeg = don't speak Welsh
...which is a statement rather than a dictact but dw i ddim yn siarad Cymraeg = I don't speak Welsh, and that is a bit of a mouthful.


  1. Do you really not speak Welsh? Is Welsh a language that is going the way of the Dodo bird like many indigenous Canadian langauges? :(

    Love the piece though - the striking colour and graphic quality of it is great.

  2. I love the black and red, really striking together.


  3. I love the vibrancy of the colours. I'd be interested to know more about your title :)

  4. Gorgeous quilt!


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