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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Well, it's Wednesday again already!

I sometimes get a bit bogged down in the whole thing of taking a good photo. The first of my latest little trio was taken inside the sewing shed. A bit dull and not a lot of detail showing.

Here they are outside in glaring sunshine (yes, the sun does come out occasionally). This is supposed to be a No No, but the stitching shows up a lot better. Just can't get the breeze to stop moving them all over the place :)

Monday evening I had the pleasure of the crossing the channel to give a talk to the Weston Super Mare Quilters.

I can see this coastline from my house and so it is always nice to go across and see it close up.

If I could just get there as the crow flies it would be much quicker!


  1. Not something you'd normally expect - pinks and brown, but these are beautiful, really beautiful.
    And, I think I can see a project or two awaiting you in your landscape photos - can't wait to see what you do

  2. Love the shades in the pieces, has a sunset feel to them. What a wonderful place to visit, there is something about the beach and the ocean that relaxes and rejuvenates us.


  3. I love those three pieces, they are just stunning. And the photos too.

  4. LOVELY landscape ... makes me long for a holiday in the UK ;-)) and your quilting is just wonderful !! I love how you add pebbles to your design.

  5. They make a lovely tryptic! Maybe hang them from driftwood or something!


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