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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

I think...

...I might have overplayed the significance of this piece shown in my last post.
It is no more than an exploration of texture. From a design point of view it would need more work.
Thanks for the nice comments though. They are always appreciated.

Bits of silk embellished onto acrylic felt.

Partly layered with voile.

Machine stitched, hand stitched and beaded.


  1. I was right. It IS gorgeous! :o)

  2. So pretty! Makes me want to run my fingers over the stitching!

  3. I love the peice and how you experimented with textures and stitching, wonderful art piece. I had some coupons today, so I got myself a couple of packs of the new roving in a blue and green variation.


  4. No need to apolgise - it is a glorious piece!

  5. didnt. it works great! Reminds me of ploughed fields somehow, come autumn time.


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