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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Step 1. Inspiration


Before I begin to go through my process regards the quilt I talked about in my last post I want to clarify that this is not my normal practice here on this blog. I post tutorials and techniques over on my Quilt Routes blog. Here I like to 'show' without having to worry about taking process shots etc., to just go with the flow....apart from on this occasion :D

I had a lot of resources to fall back on for this piece without having to use the Internet.
My home is packed with artifacts and I have some great books, plus mountains of photos in boxes.
I had a look through the books and I made a half hearted attempt at some sketchbook pages.

My City and Guilds training should have made me spend a lot longer on this stage, a lot longer...but I was anxious to get started, and if I am truthful, finished. This is one I wanted to get done quickly but I know that the finished piece has suffered from my not spending more on this stage.

Straight off I wanted to do something based on the Orang Ulu Tree of Life design and somewhere in those boxes I know that there is a photo of my then two and a half year old daughter in front of the Tree of Life mural in the Sarawak Cultural Museum. I am still looking for that photo but this will show you what I mean. At this point I did a Google search and I have made a Pinterest board of some of the images that influenced me.
So, one idea down and I move head long into it....

In the meantime, if you are attending, please come and say Hi!

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