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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Step 2. Working out the design

(bit of Apologies if you have been waiting with bated breathe for my next installment on how not to make an Art Quilt. I had a great but exhausting time at the Festival of Quilts, plus a holiday, so have been a bit lax with the blogging)
So now this is where I sketched and sketched and refined the design until I was totally happy with it... ..or maybe NOT!!!
I painted the background fabric and without doing any sampling (big mistake) I went straight into getting my tree design onto the background.
I decided to paint some interfacing and cut out the tree from that. In my head I was hoping to stitch it down with some simple hand stitches that would be representational of the stitches I had seen on lots of baskets and other crafts like this.

Borneo Crafts

I fused the interfacing onto the background fabric and began stitching.

art quilting

Thankfully before I got too far I knew this wasn't going to work.
One, because the stitching was tearing through the interfacing and two, because I knew that I needed to reverse the light and dark. The white tree just wasn't working for me.

art quilting

So....the interfacing became a mask and I painted out the background with a layer of white.
All seems well but there was some residual glue from the interfacing left on the background fabric. 
I decided to wash it out, and this would have been fine if I had done a proper job of heat fixing the white paint!
I was in too much of a rush again. 
Needless to say when the fabric came out of the machine a whole section of the white had gone and the interfacing that I had removed was too much of a tangled mess to re-use.

tree of life

This is what it looked like before I washed it. I was too upset to take photo afterwards.
Oh dear!!


  1. I see I am not the only one who learns the hard way;)
    It is frustrating when something doesn't work the way we planned, but I find the lesson sticks when I learn from mistakes and it is just fabric so we can start again, lol.


  2. Oh, I too have done many similar things. I tend to jump right in with something and often end up with such messes. Hope you work it out.


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