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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

working wednesday

This has been painted and embellished and is now ready for stitching.

This top has been done using up the scraps from the Bunting Quilt. It needs to be basted and quilted.

I have been very organised and done the binding already. I find if I don't do this it this way it is harder to go back to the fabric to put it together after quilting. Don't ask me why. This is just something I have learnt about myself! When do you do it? Before or after quilting?

I have posted a quite detailed explanation about the Bunting Quilt, along with a link to download a pattern for the block here.

Must get on!
Happy Sewing!


  1. Looks very promising, what you show in your first picture! About the binding - I always do it "after". Mostly because I change my mind frequently about what I want to do, and I always hope to be able to use some leftovers ...

  2. Wonderful pieces and materials. I still need to make a shower curtain, still thinking.


  3. That little wip detail looks intriguing. I cannot wait to have time to play with all the paints and stuff I have hoarded during this last year.
    Sometimes I will cut the binding with the rest of the quilt, but just as often I will decide on the binding fabric after quilting. If I can find suitable binding in my Big Box of Binding, I will be very happy indeed. That's why I often make much more binding than I need; a little gift to my future self.-)

  4. your painted piece looks very intriuging...and might have to have acrack at the bunting quilt - so simple but so effective

  5. I am very intrigued by the top piece!

    I make my binding as I cut for the top, otherwise I find, I often don't have enough to make a matched binding at the end!


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