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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

working wednesday

I am a bit bogged down with the work and in need of a bit of fun.
With that aim in mind I have just enrolled in an on line e-class The Remains of the Day by Mary Ann Moss over at Dispatch from LA.

The class is all about making recycled art journals. I have had a go at making one myself before, as you can see above. (details are here and here) but I always struggle a bit with putting everything together and I wanted some help with "letting go" a bit.
I have only dipped my toe in so far but I am already enjoying what I have seen. It will help me to put together the cover that I shared in my last post, and allow me to use up all the STUFF I have around here.
Expect to be seeing a few more art journals around here!
(button in my side bar if you fancy a look)


  1. I should try some journal covers. I have a lot of empty books, so time to cover and use them.


  2. Cool! Looking forward to seeing what this inspires in you! :)

  3. Well the one pictured here looks fabulous anyway!

  4. this looks like a great idea! hope you enjoy the course x

  5. Now this looks like you are going to have a lot of fun !! We'll have the fun to see what you create ;-)) Can't wait to see it !!


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