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Friday, 17 May 2013

Exploring Flight and other thoughts

I shared these pages of my sketchbook with you a while ago and I sort of made a start on what I thought would be some hand stitched samples with this, which you have also seen before, but time is a passing and as I am keen to have some new pieces to show in my booth at this years Festival of Quilts, I have jumped straight in and started on a bigger piece (which I hope will become pieces).

It is not easy because I find increasingly that my time is taken up with teaching commitments and pattern and kit preparation for my little Quilt Routes endeavors...this is not a moan, just a statement of fact... but I am determined to produce my own personal work as well.
The plans I have for this are multitudinous.  I am sure that there are a lot of you who know what I mean by that. So many ideas, so little time :)
Apart from the Flight series ( not sure about that title yet, it might be changed to Above, or something else)
I want to do more Dim Siarad Cymraeg, continue making more Stitched Seascapes, explore more design possibilities along these lines name but a few.


This is where I am at with one piece.


  1. Sew Deb, it can't be a coincidence that you picked up that red white and blue piece on the beach - seeing this post now - you must have 'bird brain' at the moment.
    B.T.W. love the word multitudinous.

  2. Beautiful sketches to work into quilting. I think that when I take photos of the gulls, I like to see how they look in flight.


  3. have you ever listened to Johnathon Livingstone Seagull by Nilson from way back?
    Its a charming story, set to music, about the seagull who strives for far more than simply following fishing boats.
    Your artwork reminded me so much of the story.
    Its a story about belief in yourself and about learning about somethign higher and more important, than merely self. Call it God or whatever..........its a delightful story. Seek it out. It might round off your creative idea.
    I reckon your doing incredible work in all areas!

  4. I think I mjust have been neil diamond not Nilson lol
    My memory must be slipping !

  5. I love your sketches and your stitching. I hope you can find more time from somewhere for your own art :)

  6. Your stitching is fantastic! How about Soar as a name? Please feel free to ignore me. No offence will be taken. ;-)


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